You can install ExAssist directly from pypi like this:

pip install ExAssist

Also, you can clone the git repo and install it from source file:

git clone
cd ExAssist
python setup.py install

Hello World

Let’s directly jump into it. Here is a miniml experiment using ExAssist:

import ExAssist as EA

# Get an instance of ExAssist just like getting a logger.
assist = EA.getAssist('Test')

with EA.start(assist) as assist:
    # Here starts your experiments.
    for i in range(100):
        assist.info['loss'] = 100 - i
We did following things here:
  • import ExAssist
  • get a ExAssist instance just like logging library.
  • create a experiment context
  • run your own experiments within this context


Different from the logginer, ExAssist does not have hierarchy structure. So, ExAssist.get('a.b') is useless.

Once you run this simple script, ExAssist will create a directory called Experiments, which contains all the information of current experiment. Enter the Experiments directory, run the following code:

python -m http.server 8080

Now, open your browser and open page at http://localhost:8080/. You will see an index page like:


This table shows basic infomation of your experiments. Click on the number of experiment, you will see more detialed information of this experiment: